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Arizona Origins is actively seeking unique historical, cultural, and political material relating to the origins of Arizona and the Greater American Southwest (New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and Southern California), to better educate the public in a future brick/mortar gallery and serve an ever-growing clientele of private collectors and institutions. Emphasis is placed on material culture focused on the early beginnings of American Southwest, but any object of historical interest will be considered, and we love the unusual! Our team is made up of experts with years of experience in the field, and will be happy to assist you, even if you aren't yet ready to sell. When you are ready, Arizona Origins gives you the option of selling for cash, or placing your memorabilia on consignment. We can be reached at or by phone at 781-296-5806

Selling for cash

This is the most common arrangement we have with our suppliers and vendors, as well as with private parties who come to us with items for sale. We are prepared to make a competitive offer for any historical object that meets our criteria for quality, authenticity, and condition. As a general rule, to be considered for purchase, retail value must be at least $100, although we will accept items of lesser value as part of a collection or when there are multiples. The advantage of selling as opposed to consigning your memorabilia is getting paid right away, rather than after we have finalized a sale. We typically issue payment within three business days of approval. Also, unlike with a consignment, the sale is final, and you won't get the item back if it we don't find a buyer, or it is returned. If you have memorabilia you wish to offer Arizona Origins, use the form found on the Contact Us page, or call 781-296-5806


We also accept collections, select groups of items, and special individual items on consignment. As a general rule, the retail value of a consigned item must be at least $200, although we will accept items of lesser value as part of a collection. Our commission depends on the selling price and is negotiable, but is typically $50 or 25% per item, whichever is greater. We can also broker sales between parties for as little as 5% of the selling price. The advantage of consigning is a higher return compared with selling for cash. You can set the price or the amount you wish to net after our commission, subject to approval. Our sell-through rate on items valued over $200 is quite high, very few items are returned, and most items sell within 90 days of appearing in our catalog. If you have memorabilia you wish to consign with Arizona Origins, use the form found on the Contact Us page, or call 1-781-296-5806

Sale of Prehistoric Items

We follow all federal/state laws regarding the sale of prehistoric items relating to the American Southwest and will require all sellers and consigners to sign a disclosure relating to the origins of collected items. We will never purchase items that do not fall within the law since we want to ensure preservation of historical artifacts rather than promoting illegal collecting or looting of historical sites.

Sample Statement of Origin and Disclosure

I, ______________________, do hereby specifically state and affirm that the item or items listed below have not been excavated, purchased, traded or sold in violation of (1) Federal Antiquities Act of 1906; (2) Archaeological Resource Protection Act of 1979, (being from Indian, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest, National Parks, or any other Federal or State Lands); (3) NAGPRA; (4) State Archaeological Resource Protection Acts (to include all state lands); or (5) state imposed regulation to archaeological excavations on private deeded property, (6) in violation of UNESCO laws governing the trade of antiquities from outside of the United States dating after the year 1970, and further that the seller or consignor of the below described property and items has legal title to the property and items listed, such that , legal title transfers to and vests in the ultimate purchase of the items and property listed.

Description of Property and Items:
Description of Item(s):


By signing below you are verifying that the above description of said sold items matches
and is in fact describing the items photographed below.

By Seller Printed: